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Our reception: A Blend of Sustainability and Functionality

The Hop is a sustainable and versatile building located centrally at De Roek. It houses the reception, office, laundry and sanitary facilities, organic shop, dining area, and workspace of De Roek, all within an environmentally friendly structure. Surrounding The Hop is a covered terrace, which also features square meter vegetable gardens.

Situated between the playground, stable, and animal pastures, this impressive building boasts a roof covered by 81 solar panels. The energy generated powers all the buildings and bungalows at De Roek. Energy production doesn’t rely solely on the panels; the building also employs a geothermal heat pump system that provides heating during winter and cooling in summer. The majority of the building is constructed using Veluws larch wood, which carries an FSC certification. The advantage of using local wood is that it doesn’t require long-distance transportation, and coupled with the certification, this makes the wood environmentally sustainable.

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In De Hop, you can find the organic store, where, among other things, firewood is sold, which can be used in the bungalow. Here, you can also find gift items, food and cleaning supplies, and ice cream. Books, movies, and games can also be borrowed here. The reception is present in the same area.

The building has been open since late May 2016 and is the most recent step towards a sustainable holiday spot in the Veluwe.

Want to rent?

De Hop is also available for rent during weekends for larger groups who want to dine or cook together. Interested? Get in touch with the reception!

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