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The Roek Care Company

Other than being a vacation spot, De Roek is also a care company. We are located in Otterlo. As ‘De Roek Care Company’ we offer people the possibility of supervised work five days a week.

The work at De Roek is varied, fun to do and very practical. There is a possibility for a fixed set of tasks with your own responsibilities, but variety is also possible for those looking for a challenge. Sometimes it is work that can be done alone, sometimes cooperation is needed.

We work in three different groups: the housekeeping group, the farm group, and the green group. See also the blocks below.
We look with each participant at which place he or she will be most comfortable. Of course, it is also possible to change groups from time to time. Here we always start from the possibilities of the participants, but also try to strengthen skills or stimulate the acquisition of new competencies. Each participant receives activities that best suit him or her. We take into account their stress levels. Something is really expected of them but there is also room for relaxation such as playing soccer, riding a go-kart, listening to music, drawing and coloring and, under supervision, a ride on the horse.



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