Photography hide

“In a quiet spot of the forest, you’ll find a beautiful photo hide. This shelter is available for rent, allowing you to capture photos or films of the woodland birds and squirrels that inhabit our park. Even without a camera, sitting in the hide is a genuine experience. Because the hide is embedded and offers a water-level view of the animals, it’s akin to being in a real-life cinema.”Kruisbek fotohut

Enjoy the activity of shooting pictures at the hide

“For guests of our park, it’s possible to rent the hide either for a full day or for a half-day. The rental price for a full day is €26.50, and for a half-day it’s €13.50. The division of half-days is at 1:00 PM, meaning a morning session lasts from sunrise until 1:00 PM, and an afternoon session runs from 1:00 PM until sunset. If you rent for a full day, you have access to the hide from sunrise to sunset.

Even for individuals not staying at De Roek, it’s possible to rent our photography hide, but only for a full day, with a rental fee of €53.”


What’s to see at the photo hide?


Eekhoorn bij de fotohut in Otterlo op De Roek

“From the hide, you overlook a pond where many birds come to drink and bathe, especially during dry weather. Additionally, feeding is done around the pond, ensuring the presence of squirrels and birds throughout the day, even during wet weather.

The hide is sunken into the ground, providing a low-angle perspective and allowing the birds to be at eye level. To make the hide appealing to a wide audience, it was designed with the use of a 300mm lens in mind, although other lenses (both larger and smaller) can work well too.

The hide can accommodate a maximum of three people, offering ample seating space to ensure plenty of room for peaceful photography or filming without disturbing others.

Check out the overview of sightings from the Photo Hide at De Roek.”

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